About Davinder Chatha

Physiotherapist – MSc (hons) BSc (hons) MCSP


In earlier life, Davinder competed internationally in Olympic Wrestling for Team GB. Because of this he understood the demands of everyday training, competing and performance enhancement strategies. This experience combined with a degrees in Human Physiology and Exercise Sciences, and a Masters in Physiotherapy has strengthened his skills in injury treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and exercise advice.

Davinder became especially interested in spinal injuries after he was told he needed surgery for a disc prolapse in his neck. To avoid surgery, he tried numerous types of therapy and after many exhausting months he finally made a ‘miraculous’ recovery. Ultimately, he realised that it was a combination of therapies that had achieved the desired result, not just one singular technique.

Consequently, after becoming a physiotherapist, his aim was to combine as many different therapies into new but more complete therapy techniques to relieve musculoskeletal pains.


Today, people from all over the UK and even overseas, visit Davinder and his clinics’ consistent growth proves that there’s a real demand for these groundbreaking therapies. However, he still strives to achieve even better results and continually improve his hands-on skills by researching the latest techniques, exploring new ways of working, and studying other therapeutic methods.

In addition to physical therapy, Davinder also evaluates the latest physiotherapy technology available and has invested heavily in leading-edge equipment with the specific aim of giving his patients long-term healthcare solutions. From pioneering underwater treadmills to state-of-the-art magnetic resonance technology, Davinder really pushes the boundaries for his patients.


Davinder believes that treatment should always be tailored to the patient’s needs and has developed a unique approach using a variety of manual therapy techniques. His area of specialism is spinal rehabilitation, discs, nerves and joints, and he uses methods such as trigger point therapy, spinal decompression, muscle energy techniques and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation to achieve some remarkable results.


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Optispine uses the latest and most advanced physiotherapy techniques and equipment, specifically designed to help people with back and joint problems.

Treatment starts with accurate diagnosis of the problem, followed by effective hands-on therapy to reduce pain and restore function as quickly as possible.

Alongside this, we are able to offer rehabilitation plans for a more long-term solution, including advanced hydrotherapy using underwater treadmills and a specialist 7-step programme.

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