Manual therapy is central to our practice as taking a ‘hands on’ approach is effective in restoring mobility and function, and also reducing pain in joints and the surrounding tissue. Our experience has shown that a thorough assessment followed by extensive manual therapy produces more profound results.

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Spinal Programme

Combining the latest technology and proven therapies, the 7-step course includes a range of therapeutic interventions that get to the root of your symptoms. We integrate different health modalities to address poor posture and rebalance the musculoskeletal system, along with an exercise regime and lifestyle advice that promote strength and robustness.

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Our pioneering hydrotherapy suite features an underwater treadmill, which until now was only available for elite athletes and premiership football teams. Tailored training programmes provide all the benefits of exercise without putting stress on joints, making this ideal for rehabilitation, weight loss, getting fit and people with conditions such as arthritis.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage helps improve flexibility and mobility within your muscles and surrounding soft tissue, and breaks down scar tissue so muscles work more effectively. This form of massage can also help increase circulation and remove of metabolic waste, while reducing pain and relaxing your muscles.

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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy delivers a radial shockwave through the surface of the skin to the injured tissue. It’s an intense but very short energy wave travelling faster than the speed of sound that initiates an inflammation-like response in the injured tissue and accelerates the healing process.

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About us

Optispine uses the latest and most advanced physiotherapy techniques and equipment, specifically designed to help people with back and joint problems.

Treatment starts with accurate diagnosis of the problem, followed by effective hands-on therapy to reduce pain and restore function as quickly as possible.

Alongside this, we are able to offer rehabilitation plans for a more long-term solution, including advanced hydrotherapy using underwater treadmills and a specialist 7-step programme.

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