Jet Singh Trust

Optispine is closely linked with the Jet Singh Trust, a charity headed up by the clinic’s lead physiotherapist and managing director, Davinder Chatha.

The trust was formed by a group of family and friends who came together to honour the memory of Jatinder (Jet) Singh Chatha (1983-2016). Jet was a Wolverhampton-based wrestler and fitness trainer who was passionate about promoting good health.

He was also a caring and wonderful son, brother, father and friend who inspired people to carry on his legacy. Today, the Jet Singh Trust is a community of like-minded people who have joined forces to serve the common good.

  • We organise and participate in events and challenges for men, women and children of all abilities, designed to push people beyond their current physical and mental capabilities.
  • With each and every new challenge we strive to increase the number of participants by raising awareness and spreading the good name and work of the trust to a wider audience.
  • We actively look to help people enhance their lives by encouraging them to improve all aspects of their health and encourage them to take part in our events and challenges.
  • We research local, national and international charities where your much-appreciated donations will make a significant impact.
  • 100% of your donation goes to good causes with the running of the charity being funded by our sponsors, allowing us to focus on helping others.

We organise and participate in events and challenges for men, women, and children of all abilities, aimed at pushing people beyond their current physical and mental capabilities.

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Charity Achievements and Campaigns

Mixed Martial Arts Centre

Our clinic is also home to the MMA Centre, which gives young people from the local area the opportunity to be part of an organised and disciplined sport and to train as elite athletes in the martial arts.

Born to Walk Programme

In association with Optispine, the charity offers leading-edge hydrotherapy rehabilitation sessions to children with cerebral palsy, giving them the chance to walk and live life to the full.

Fundraising Projects

The Jet Singh Trust selects a wide range of local, national and international causes to donate to. These include Birmingham Children’s Hospital, MIND and a hospital construction project in India.

Optispine Limited is a major donor of the Jet Singh Trust.

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About us

Optispine uses the latest and most advanced physiotherapy techniques and equipment, specifically designed to help people with back and joint problems.

Treatment starts with accurate diagnosis of the problem, followed by effective hands-on therapy to reduce pain and restore function as quickly as possible.

Alongside this, we are able to offer rehabilitation plans for a more long-term solution, including advanced hydrotherapy using underwater treadmills and a specialist 7-step programme.

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