Postnatal Weight Loss


Weight loss after having a baby.


Following the birth of her baby, Nin was keen to lose weight and get back into her clothes as soon as possible. H2O Physio devised an individual programme to help her achieve her target.

  •  Duration: 30 minutes
  •  Water Temperature: 31˚C
  •  Speed: 4.0kph, gradually increased to 8.0kph
  •  Depth: 1000 down to 600mm
  •  Resistance Jets: Not activated
  •  Direction: Forwards and backwards
  •  Number of Sessions: 10

Nin’s underwater treadmill sessions started at a speed of 4.0kph and gradually increased until she was running at a speed of 8.0kph.

The water level was dropped from the initial setting of 1000mm right down to 600mm, making the activity more challenging and burning more calories.

This tailored weight loss programme, included time in the wellness pool for upper body exercises and also core work. Exercising in the warm water made this a gentle, enjoyable experience for Nin, which she told us was essential after childbirth and the demands of caring for a new baby.

Nin then moved on to H2O Physio’s equipment-based Pilates circuit to complete her workout.

We are pleased to report that Nin lost 9lbs in weight and toned up to get back into her clothes.

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