Rehabilitation After War Injury


Rehabilitation after a blast injury to the thigh


Andrew sustained a blast injury whilst serving in the British Army in Afghanistan. He suffered serious injuries to his left thigh, including severe soft tissue, muscle and nerve damage, which has left him with on-going knee pain and restriction of movement.

  •  Duration:  30 minutes
  •  Water Temperature: 31˚C
  •  Speed: 2.8 kph
  •  Depth: 1186mm
  •  Resistance Jets: Not activated
  •  Direction: Forwards and backwards
  •  Number of Sessions: 18

Andrew arrived at H2O Physio with a weakness in his left leg and constant nerve pain, which in turn affected his posture, causing back and neck issues. He was on two crutches to mobilise, struggled with activities of daily living, and felt fatigued and lacking in motivation.

In the Underwater Treadmill, the focus was on normalising his gait pattern, strengthening the lower limbs and improving core stability.

The programme also included hands-on physiotherapy to break down the scar tissue and relieve his back pain, plus a home exercise plan for continued progress.

Andrew, a keen sportsman, began playing wheelchair basketball and his hydrotherapy sessions were adapted to include some sport-specific exercises. We are pleased to report that Andrew went on to win gold at the Invictus Games and hopes to try other disability sports.

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