Spinal Programme Case Studies

Talash Chopra
Major Disc Prolapse

Mother and School Business Manager, Talash Chopra, had her world turned upside down when she sustained a major disc prolapse at L4-L5. She went from a normal life – working, enjoying family life and exercising in her spare time – to being unable to stand or sit for more than a minute or two. She could only find relief by lying down and was prescribed powerful painkillers, which weren’t effective. Eventually, her consultant recommended surgery, but this was a step she was reluctant to take. This is one of the worst cases that Optispine has treated but, thankfully, after 20 sessions of decompression therapy, Talash has made a full recovery.

“I suffered a severely herniated bulging disc in my lower back and could not walk or stand up straight. I was in constant pain and was prescribed a cocktail of painkillers, which did not work most of the time. I discovered decompression therapy at Optispine in August 2020 and completed a course of approximately 18 sessions, which included cryotherapy, massage, laser treatment and targeted core exercises. Over a 2-3 month period of treatment, I am now back to work, able to drive and can continue with day-to-day life and activities, without the need for painkillers and more importantly to me – the need for an operation. I would fully recommend the decompression therapy programme at Optispine.”

Keith Bibb
Multi-Level Disc Prolapse, Facet Joint Disease and Stenosis

Company director and golf enthusiast, Keith Bibb, came to Optispine with unbearable pain in his back and down the front of his leg. He was finding it hard to concentrate at work and was forced to stop playing golf due to the sharp shooting pains he was experiencing day and night. Diagnosed with severe disc prolapses at L3-L4 and L4-L5, facet joint disease and stenosis in his spine, Keith embarked on a combination of manipulation and decompression therapy to realign his spine and reduce the pressure on his nervous system. After completing 12 sessions of decompression, he is now much better.

“I had a bulging disc and was in extreme discomfort with pain in my lower back and all down my right leg. The pain was that extreme, I could not sit or drive, sleeping was also a difficult, I even had to eat standing. I tried a chiropractor and physio without any results. A friend referred me to Optispine. I had a decompression trial and a consultation with Davinder and immediately felt that he understood my problem and the sessions I have had since, have relieved my pain and issues considerably. Prior to my sessions with Optispine, I was on strong painkillers twice a day but after two months of decompression and exercises, I no longer have any need for painkillers. A big thank you to all at Optispine, I would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Optispine and their decompression programme.”

Dan McMullen
Sacroiliitis, Disc Prolapse and Sciatica

When years of persistent back pain continued to deprive Dan McMullan of his love for outdoor pursuits and, most worryingly, affected his work as a tradesman, he turned to Optispine’s decompression therapy for the answer while over from New Zealand for six months. He suffered from sacroiliitis, an L5-S1 disc prolapse and sciatica, which made it hard for him to bend forward and took him at least an hour to loosen up every morning. The situation was getting worse and taking a toll on both his physical and mental health. After just 6 therapy sessions, Dan is now a lot better, fit for work and able to enjoy sport again.

“I’ve had lower back problems for many years. Davinder and the team were amazing with sorting the problem through great machines, professional physio and exceptional service. Highly recommend them – cheers!”

David Grubb
Disc Prolapse and Severe Sciatica

Estate agent, David Grubb, was finding it extremely difficult to do his job. Unable to sit, he had to stand or lie down and straightening up in the morning was taking him a couple of hours. The source of his back problem was an L5-S1 disc prolapse and severe sciatica caused by a nerve root impingement, which resulted in a lot of pain and discomfort. After 6 decompression therapy sessions, David has now fully recovered.

“I fully recommend the Spinal Decompression Clinic. Before the treatment, I was in constant pain and even simple tasks were difficult. When I walked and sat down, it was painful. Within 2-3 treatments, I started to notice a difference in movement and by the fourth session was pain free. The course has now finished and I feel great, pain free and resuming exercise. With the exercises learnt in the physio sessions, I can now strengthen and manage my back at home.”

Mohammed Azad
Multi-Level Disc Proplapse and Stenosis

As the main breadwinner in his house, taxi driver Mohammed Azad and his family were put under a great deal of financial strain when he was unable to work due to a serious back problem. In fact, he suffered with severe back pain for over 14 months, due to L2-L3 and L4-L5 disc prolapses and spinal stenosis. He needed to take high-strength painkillers and was desperate to find a solution, so tried a range of different treatments but got nowhere. Unable to stand up straight and walk due to the pain, he was eventually booked in for surgery. However, after just 8 sessions of decompression therapy at Optispine, Mohammed reported being 80% better and his operation has now been cancelled.

“What can I say – fantastic treatment! Had lower back problem for 14 months that was very painful. Went everywhere, including chiropractor, massage, sports injuries clinic to no avail. A friend put me in touch with Optispine and they started me on decompression therapy. After 5-6 sessions, I felt the treatment was working and felt much better with less pain. Now after 8 sessions, I feel fantastic – barely any pain, can walk again, feel really good. Thank you Optispine.”

Ann Baddams
Severe Disc Prolapse in the Neck

Working in an office, Ann Baddams’ job involves her sitting at a computer all day, which is a common cause for spinal issues brought on by compression of the discs. For the past three years, she has suffered with excruciating neck pain, caused by a severe disc prolapse at C6-C7 with shooting pains in her arm (radiculopathy), bone spurs (osteophytes) at three levels, spondylosis and moderate to severe stenosis. Often unable to move her head and struggling to sleep at night without taking strong painkillers, Ann began weekly sessions for ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy moving to fortnightly then monthly visits. Although regular physiotherapy improved her symptoms and restored her range of movement back to near normal, she continued to experience pins and needles in her arm due to the severity of her condition. She was given a nerve root block injection, which unfortunately failed, and was offered surgery but decided not to go ahead with that option. Spurred on to find a longer-term solution, she decided to try Optispine decompression therapy and signed up for 6 sessions. Following her programme, Ann’s pins and needles have reduced to virtually nothing and she has been able to stop her monthly visits to Optispine, saving her hundreds of pounds in treatment costs.

“Since being diagnosed with cervical spondylosis in 2018, I have visited Davinder at Optispine. I started with weekly sessions for hands-on physiotherapy moving to fortnightly then monthly visits. Even though my movement was much improved, I still experienced constant pins and needles down my left arm. At a monthly check up, I was told about the new decompression machine and exercise programme. I attended a free taster session and decided to book in for a course of 6 sessions. After the first two sessions, I could tell there was a huge improvement. The pins and needles I had experienced constantly for almost three years reduced dramatically to almost nothing. After I had completed the course of 6 sessions, my condition had improved to the point where I no longer need to visit Optispine on a regular basis. I cannot recommend the decompression course highly enough.”

John Prosser
Degenerative Spine and Spondylosis

John Prosser has a long history of lower back and neck pain, but because of his age and the fact he’s suffered with these problems for such a long time, he thought he would have to live with it. Due to many years of manual work, he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and spondylosis throughout the whole of his spine. After completing 6 targeted lumbar sessions, followed by 6 cervical sessions, he is now feeling the best he’s felt since he was a much younger and fitter man.

“Before coming to Optispine, I thought I wasn’t going to get any better due to my age and my arthritis. But since I have been doing the Spinal Decompression Programme, I’m feeling a great deal better, younger and happier. I started with the lower back and, due to the incredible results, I did the neck and, again, I had remarkable results. I would recommend the programme to anyone with my type of symptoms.”

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