Stroke Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation after a stroke


Robert came to H2O Physio for rehabilitation after suffering from a stroke in January.

  •  Duration: 30 minutes
  •  Water Temperature: 31˚C
  •  Speed: 1.8kph, gradually increased to 3.5kph
  •  Depth: 1200mm
  •  Resistance Jets: Not activated
  •  Direction: Forwards, backwards and sideways
  •  Number of Sessions: 9

Following a stroke that weakened his left side, Robert was left unable to walk. After some specialist neuro physiotherapy, he was able to walk for about three minutes with the use of a stick.

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help relearn skills, such as mobility, which are lost when the stroke affects part of the brain.

Many people have problems with co-ordination and balance so training in the underwater treadmill is ideal. The water acts as a giant cushion, supporting weak limbs and helping the patient to feel more confident. This results in a more effective workout that in turn contributes to a quicker recovery.

Robert is now able to walk longer distances, without a stick. He feels a lot better and has much more energy.

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